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Sustainable Supply Chain Management
A Topical Collection of Journal of Sustainability Research

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Sustainability in supply chains is associated with the efforts supply chain partners undertake to simultaneously enhance their financial, environmental and social performances. The aim of the Section is to publish research that extends existing theories and creates new Sustainable Supply Chain Management theories by exploring (i) why and how supply chains implement sustainability into their business processes (including key related aspects such as supply chain learning, integration, collaboration and innovation for sustainability), (ii) the complex interactions among different stakeholders (e.g., focal companies, suppliers, buyers, competitors and other secondary stakeholders), (iii) the existing sustainability trade-offs, (iv) the (intended and unintended) outcomes generated by these initiatives, among other related aspects of supply chain sustainability.


Sustainable Supply Chain Management is defined as the management of supply chains that simultaneously considers and equally values all the three pillars of sustainability (i.e., financial, environmental and social dimensions) when making business decisions. Balanced approaches that involve long-term mindsets (rather than short-term financial maximization attempts) from decision-makers are required to allow supply chains to comply with regulatory standards, consumer pressures, and compete in the long run in increasingly uncertain and complex business environments. Empirical papers, theoretical manuscripts, and literature reviews that adopt a broad range of research methods, theoretical perspectives, and offer contributions to the associated theory, practice and/or policy are welcome.

Topic Editor

  • Prof. Dr. Bruno S. Silvestre

    Department of Supply Chain Management, Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba, Canada


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