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About the Journal

The Journal of Sustainability Research (ISSN 2632-6582) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal published online quarterly by Hapres.

Aims and Scope

Our vision of the future is of a world of sustainable human societies, which qualify as such by having demonstrated their pervasive, ongoing capacity for facilitating, enhancing, and sustaining indefinitely in that facilitated or enhanced state the well-being of human individuals, their communities, and their environments. We envision the Journal of Sustainability Research, therefore, as a forum for the publication of research undertaken in support of that vision. The Journal's scope is outlined by a list of sections, which remains a work in progress, meant to capture the essential elements of these societies expressed in systems thinking terms. The use of systems thinking in this context signifies a recognition that the existential sustainability challenges now faced by human societies the world over must be approached holistically if those challenges are to be met. Toward that end, the Journal of Sustainability Research is especially eager to receive submissions based on research undertaken from perspectives that transcend the boundaries of academic disciplines and the reductionist perspectives that those boundaries imply, but also welcomes submissions based on research from other perspectives as long as it is presented in a way that, a) makes it accessible to a multidisciplinary readership, and b) offers information or an application that relates to our vision and scope.

Sections (derived from the essential attributes of sustainable societies)

Sustainable Agricultural and Food Systems

Sample Topics:Permaculture, Sustainable Cuisines, Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change

Sustainable Belief Systems

Sample Topics:Sustainability and Culture, Sustainability and Ethics, Sustainability and Ideologies, Sustainability and Religion

Sustainable Communities and Other Social Systems

Sample Topics:Ecological Civilization, Sustainable Community Economic Development, Sustainable Urban Development, Societal and Community Resilience and Adaptability

Sustainable Economic and Business Systems

Sample Topics:Eco-Entrepreneurship, Environmental Management Systems, Industrial Ecology, Sustainable Business, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Education and Other Socialization Systems

Sample Topics:Sustainability and Pedagogy, Exploring Sustainability Concepts through the Arts and Humanities

Sustainable Energy Production and Use Systems

Sample Topics:Renewable Energy Systems, Efficiency in Energy Production and Distribution

Sustainable Governance Systems

Sample Topics:Sustainability and Politics, Sustainability and the Law

Sustainable Materials Production and Use Systems

Sample Topics:Green Chemistry, Materials Recycling and Re-Use, Sustainable Product Life Cycle Assessment

Sustainable Natural Resource Management Systems

Sample Topics:Sustainability and Biodiversity, Sustainable Fisheries Management, Sustainable Forestry, Sustainable Water Supply Management, Sustainable Wildlife Management, Natural Resource Management and Climate Change

Sustainable Transportation Systems

Sample Topics:Electric and Other Alternatively Powered Vehicles, Mass Transit Systems

The journal accepts: Reviews, Original Articles, Technical Notes, Editorials, News and Views, Letters to the Editors, as well as Conference Announcements and Book Reviews. Controversies and debates are also welcomed. A Special Section of the journal (Virtual Special Issues**) is devoted for publishing accelerated papers considered as a breakthrough in the field.

**note that Virtual Special Issue (VSI) is a collection of papers centered around a specific topic, led by an expert (Guest Editor) in the field. Virtual Special Issues are an important component of the journal and cover current hot topics within the scope of the journal.

All papers belonging to a Virtual Special Issue will be gathered together on a single webpage. They are published in the regular issues of the journal as soon as publishable, and labeled as belonging to the Virtual Special Issue. A link from each paper will take you to the Virtual Special Issue webpage.

Indexing and Abstracting

JSR is covered by the following databases and archives:

1. Google Scholar

2. Portico

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Journal Contact Information

JSR Editorial Office

1st Floor Cobham MSA, Cobham, Surrey, Greater London, KT11 3DB, United Kingdom

Tel. +44 1932 379 585

E-mail: jsr@hapres.com

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